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Brain block trying to figure out speeds

  • 1.  Brain block trying to figure out speeds

    Posted 27 days ago
    Hey all.  Just looking for some ideas/direction.

    I have a client that is connecting to ac.  Signal strength is around a -56...on channel 108s (based from sh ap active)  

    It's a windows client and according to the network properties, is a 2x2, so connection speed is 866/866.

    My isp connection is wired tested to 940Mbps

    Running the speed test app from my client (same as wired) my d/l is roughly 200-300 Mbps.

    My wired client hits the inet in 2 hops.

    My wireless client ...tunneled mode to controller through a port channel (2 gig) uplink, to a collapsed core layer where the mobility gateway sits... And is 1 hop away from inet.

    I have wmm enabled for qos.  My APs are 335s.
    My uplinks are a minimum of 2 gigs...max clients overall is around 20, of which maybe 5 connections are active at one time.

    I'm expecting higher throuput rates on my wireless client...am I being over zealous?  Is there anything I can check to improve the overall speeds?

    Thank you in advanced!

  • 2.  RE: Brain block trying to figure out speeds

    Posted 27 days ago

    Change the forwarding mode on your Virtual AP to "Decrypt Tunnel" instead of Tunnel.  Also make sure that "Drop 

    Broadcast and Unknown Multicast" is also enabled on that Virtual AP.

    Colin Joseph

  • 3.  RE: Brain block trying to figure out speeds

    Posted 24 days ago

    Just wanted to say Thank you Collin.  I did this, didn't realize I needed cpsec on...so that was fun...but I can honestly say, i have a couple of devices I am seeing a huge improvement on speeds so that certainly worked...or helped.  the one client in question is still around the same mark so I'm guessing it's a limitation to the WiFi card - which is an Intel Dual Band 7260.  Although it supports AC, im thinking at this point it's either the mini pcie bus and or the fact the card is 802.11ac - wave 1.  

    Still -- the conflicting piece  is how I still get 866/866, which the mac speed for a 2x2 and yet my speeds are still meh.  One other I did as well, was a wired connection into the controller itself, using same vlan info etc and I was able to get the 940 Mbps down.

    Thanks again sir!

    Neal Tarbox

  • 4.  RE: Brain block trying to figure out speeds

    Posted 24 days ago
    Having "Decrypt Tunnel" enabled is a quick and easy substitute for your network supporting jumbo frames.  It is typically only configured as tunnel.  
    You can type "show ap association client-mac <mac address of client>" to see the capabilities of each client as understood by the controller.
    Wifi is half duplex and of course is contention-based, so it will never have the throughput of a wired network of the same specifications.  You can also enable "Drop Broadcasts and Unknown multicasts" on your Virtual APs.  You can also experiment with different distances between your AP and the client to see your results.
    Lastly, you can type "show ap debug client-table ap-name <name of ap>" to see the tx and rx rate that your client has negotiated on the AP.

    Good Luck.

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