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After Airwave upgrade backup grows in size daily. Fixed.

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  • 1.  After Airwave upgrade backup grows in size daily. Fixed.

    Posted Nov 22, 2021 02:04 PM
    We recently migrated our Airwave from a version several years old to current, which required an underlying OS upgrade to Centos 7. During this process I noticed the backup size was increasing by several hundred MB daily. I asked the TAC person helping me and they said it would slow down and level off in a few days. At that point I should have left myself a note to revisit it the next week, but in my desire to put the arduous upgrade process behind me I did not push the issue.
    Fast Forward several months and we arrive a situation where the backup file has grown more than 1000 times its former size and it has consumed all available space in the network share. I halted the scp backup process and then erased old backups to create additional room in the share for the other processes that use it.
    After discussing this with TAC and showing them the issue we were seeing, they investigated several places in the VM's cli and looked at the logs. They determined that the nightly maintenance wasn't completing. We ran the nightly maintenance manually from the CLI and checked the status of the service and confirmed it completed in the logs.
    It has been well over a week since this took place and the backup is a fraction of the size we were seeing. It consistently decreases by several hundred MB every night.  At this rate I expect it to return to its former size some time next week.

    Is there anything you can think of to check after something like this occurs?

    Job Cacka