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Aruba CX ZTP

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  • 1.  Aruba CX ZTP

    Posted Jun 03, 2021 03:15 AM
    Hi all

    I would like to find out more about ZTP for Aruba CX switch 6200. I had read that CX-6200 supports standards-based ZTP through DHCP options. 

    I like to ask how to provision different configuration for different switches.


    If I have to auto provision 3 x CX-6200 switches (6200-1, 6200-2 and 6200-3), how do I specify the ZTP such that when 6200-1 is connected to the network, it downloads 6200-1.cfg, 6200-2 downloads 6200-2.cfg and 6200-3 downloads 6200-3.cfg?


    Simon Lim

  • 2.  RE: Aruba CX ZTP
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    Posted Jun 04, 2021 02:50 AM

    You can boot one switch after each : After your DHCP option 43 is configured with a filename for example "startup-config", you just have to rename your "6200-1.cfg" to "startup-config" then boot your first switch, then rename your 6200-2.cfg to "startup-config" and boot after the first one is finished, etc ...
    If you want to boot all switches in same time you will have to play with vlans or mac address in your dhcp config.

    ZTP need DHCP option 43 suboptions 144/145 to send config and/or firmware files.

    The suboptions are configured in this format<id><length><value> and are written in Hex, and then concatenated in the same line.

    Use ASCII to Hex converter : https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/ascii-to-hex.html

    is equal to : <144><14><startup-config><145><12><firmware.swi>
    Translation :  suboption 144 length 14 value startup-config suboption 145 length 12 value firmware.swi

    This is my DHCP config, you just have to change the subclass vendor-class to match your switch model, it is sended in the DHCP request by the switch:

    [root@localhost dhcp]# cat dhcpd.conf
    default-lease-time 86400;
    max-lease-time 172800;
    ddns-update-style none;
    ignore client-updates;
    class "Vendor-Class" { match option vendor-class-identifier; }  # class to match Option 60
    option suboption-43 code 43 = string;
    subnet netmask {
            subclass "Vendor-Class" "Aruba JL762A 6300M" {
            option tftp-server-name "";
            option suboption-43 90:0E:73:74:61:72:74:75:70:2d:63:6f:6e:66:69:67:91:0C:66:69:72:6d:77:61:72:65:2e:73:77:69; } # HEX to ASCII = suboption 144 startup-config / suboption 145 firmware.swi

    Result after successful ztp boot :

    6300# show ztp information
    TFTP Server                     :
    Image File                      : firmware.swi
    Configuration File              : startup-config
    Status                          : Success
    Aruba Central Location          : NA
    Force-Provision                 : Disabled
    HTTP Proxy Location             : NA

    Laurent from Brest / France
    Network Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Aruba CX ZTP

    Posted Jun 13, 2021 06:59 PM
    Hi Laurent
    Thanks and sorry for the late reply. 

    In my scenario, I will have to do one switch at a time making sure that the correct configuration file, e.g. 6200-1.cfg, is the startup-config when that switch boots up. Replace the startup-config with 6200-2.cfg and repeat. 

    Thanks once again for your advise. 


    Simon Lim