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Problem with fiber connection between HP5406 and Aruba 8325

  • 1.  Problem with fiber connection between HP5406 and Aruba 8325

    Posted 11 days ago

    I try to establish a connection over fiber between one of my HP5406 and an Aruba 8325.

    The 8325 is showing that the Link is active but the 5406 is telling me the Link is down.


    The 5406 is running Software Version K.16.02.0031

    And the 8325 is running GL.10.04.3031


    If try different GIBICs and different cables.


    Below the Interface configurations


    system interface-group 1 speed 10g

        !interface group 1 contains ports 1/1/1-1/1/12

    interface 1/1/11

        no shutdown

        description lan

        ip address  X.X.X.X/XX

        vrrp 1 address-family ipv4



    no cdp enable A1-A2,A4,A6-A24,B1-B2,B4,B6-B24,C1-C24,D1-D24,Trk1-Trk2

    trunk A3,B3 trk1 lacp

    trunk A5,B5 trk2 lacp

    vlan 1

       name "DEFAULT_VLAN"

       no untagged A1,A21-A24,B22-B24,Trk1-Trk2

       untagged A2,A4,A6-A20,B1-B2,B4,B6-B21,C1-C24,D1-D24

       no ip address



    Has someone an idea how to resolve the issues?

    best wishes Florian

  • 2.  RE: Problem with fiber connection between HP5406 and Aruba 8325

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi @thi_flo!

    It's not entirely clear to me what ports are really involved, especially watchin the HP 5406zl configuration you pasted.

    Aruba 8325 side you wrote about 1/1/11 (operating at 10Gbps in routed mode). What's about on Aruba 5406 side?​ I doubt there is an HP 5406zl Module with 24 ports all operating at the same 10Gbps speed.

    At best, IIRC, the old HP 5400zl supports these 10G (SFP+) modules only:

    • HP ProCurve 2-Port SFP+/ 2-Port CX4 10-GbE yl Module (J9312A)
    • HP ProCurve 4-Port 10GbE SFP+ zl Module (J9309A)

      So, considering only SFP+ ports, there should be a module with 2 or 4 10Gbps SFP+ ports (and its SFP+ transceivers) with ports numbered Xn where X is the Slot letter and n is the port number...n=1-4...or something very similar).

      Then you posted about Port Trunking logical interfaces Trk1 and Trk2 made of - I'm quite sure - 1Gbps RJ45 ports aggregated...this is a nonsense...I mean...(2x1Gbps) LACP or single 1Gbps ports on HP 5406zl side and a single 10Gbps Routed port on Aruba 8250 side...there is some confusion going on here.

      Could you clarify a little bit better (ports, transceivers, vlan, etc.)?

      Davide Poletto

    • 3.  RE: Problem with fiber connection between HP5406 and Aruba 8325

      Posted 11 days ago

      HI @parnassus​


      Sorry my bad, you right I forgot to involve the interface on the 5406.

      On the 5406 I use the Port B21 at the moment and on the 8325 it is the 1/1/11interface.

      Actorly I don't use SFP+ modules, I use J4858D modules on both switches.


      The right vlans are not set jet because the 5406 is in a productive environment so I use the default vlan to test the Link. The Trunk Ports belong to the Productive side of things and are working fine 😉

      best wishes Florian

    • 4.  RE: Problem with fiber connection between HP5406 and Aruba 8325

      Posted 11 days ago
      Hi Florian, few more show ... commands? like, as example, show interface 1/1/11 transceiver detail (on the Aruba 8325)? a similar command on the HP 5406zl? it's difficult to diagnose without a basic diagnostic.

      Davide Poletto

    • 5.  RE: Problem with fiber connection between HP5406 and Aruba 8325

      Posted 8 days ago
      Hi Davide,

      here are some show .. commands.

      8325(config)# sh interface 1/1/11


      Interface 1/1/11 is up

       Admin state is up

       Link transitions: 19

       Description: lan

       Hardware: Ethernet, MAC Address: b8:d4:e7:40:91:00

       IPv4 address X.X.X.X/XX

       MTU 1500

       Type SFP-SX


       qos trust none

       Speed 1000 Mb/s

       L3 Counters: Rx Disabled, Tx Disabled

       Auto-negotiation is on

       Flow-control: off

       Error-control: off


                  1 packets                  158 bytes

                  0 errors                     0 dropped

                  0 CRC/FCS


                  0 packets, 0 bytes


              67180 packets              4776976 bytes

                  0 errors                     0 dropped

                  0 collision


                  0 packets, 0 bytes

      8325(config)# sh interface 1/1/11 transceiver


      Port      Type           Product      Serial          Part

                               Number       Number          Number


      1/1/11    SFP-SX         J4858D       CN99KC53FS      1990-4415



      5406# sh interfaces b21


       Status and Counters - Port Counters for port B21


        Name  :

        MAC Address      : 001871-db5bd3

        Link Status      : Down

        Totals (Since boot or last clear) :

         Bytes Rx        : 0                    Bytes Tx        : 0

         Unicast Rx      : 0                    Unicast Tx      : 0

         Bcast/Mcast Rx  : 0                    Bcast/Mcast Tx  : 0

        Errors (Since boot or last clear) :

         FCS Rx          : 0                    Drops Tx        : 0

         Alignment Rx    : 0                    Collisions Tx   : 0

         Runts Rx        : 0                    Late Colln Tx   : 0

         Giants Rx       : 0                    Excessive Colln : 0

         Total Rx Errors : 0                    Deferred Tx     : 0

        Others (Since boot or last clear) :

         Discard Rx      : 0                    Out Queue Len   : 0

         Unknown Protos  : 0

        Rates (5 minute weighted average) :

         Total Rx (bps) : 0                     Total Tx (bps) : 0

         Unicast Rx (Pkts/sec) : 0              Unicast Tx (Pkts/sec) : 0

         B/Mcast Rx (Pkts/sec) : 0              B/Mcast Tx (Pkts/sec) : 0

         Utilization Rx  :     0 %              Utilization Tx  :     0 %


      5406# sh tech transceivers




      Transceiver Technical Information:

       Port # | Type      | Prod #     | Serial #         | Part #


      A21    | 1000LX    |     J4859C | MY217VN0NR       | 1990-3656

      A22    | 1000LX    |     J4859C | MY222VN856       | 1990-3656

      B21    | 1000SX    |     J4858D | CN99KC548T       | 1990-4415

      best wishes Florian

    • 6.  RE: Problem with fiber connection between HP5406 and Aruba 8325

      Posted 4 days ago
      Do you have check the event/log ?

      PowerArubaSW : Powershell Module to use Aruba Switch API for Vlan, VlanPorts, LACP, LLDP...

      PowerArubaCP: Powershell Module to use ClearPass API (create NAD, Guest...)

      PowerArubaCX: Powershell Module to use ArubaCX API (get interface/vlan/ports info)..

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