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fiber channel configure

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  • 1.  fiber channel configure

    Posted Feb 23, 2021 02:14 PM
    hey guys 
    I'm now have task at two aruba switch 8320 and 2540
    i have to make configure with 2 SFP port as a Port Channel at to switches 
     i need to make the 2 link up like a load balanced not active and passive 
    how i can or any reference

    Ahmed Fares

  • 2.  RE: fiber channel configure

    Posted Feb 23, 2021 04:01 PM
    You can use link aggregation like LACP to bond the two links together as one. Edit port numbers as needed

    For the 2540 you can do this as follows:

    trunk 47,48 trk1 lacp

    Tag/untag your vlans to the trk1 interface now

    "show trunk" to verify

    For the 8320:

    interface lag 1
       lacp mode active
       vlan trunk native <native VLAN>
       vlan trunk allowed <VLANs/All>
    interface 1/1/47
       lag 1
    interface 1/1/48
       lag 1

    "show lag" to verify

    Dustin Burns

  • 3.  RE: fiber channel configure
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 23, 2021 04:04 PM

    You will want to use LACP to do that.

    ***8320 config****

    interface lag 1
    description <description here>
    no shutdown
    no routing
    vlan trunk native <native vlan>
    vlan trunk allowed <allowed vlans>
    lacp mode active

    interface 1/1/1
    no shutdown
    lag 1

    interface 1/1/2
    no shutdown
    lag 1

    trunk 1,2, trk1 lacp
    vlan x tagged trk1

    So in essence, on the 8320, configure your lag interface with LACP and appropriate VLAN tagging, and assign your sub-interfaces to that lag. On the 2540, create a trunk config, mark it as a lacp trunk, then add the necessary vlans

    If you share the exact interfaces you want to use, and which VLANs (tagged,untagged) it should be pretty easy to create a configuration you can reference

    Christopher Wickline

  • 4.  RE: fiber channel configure

    Posted Feb 28, 2021 02:37 AM
    thank you working well

    Ahmed Fares