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AP325 LACP Config and GRE striping IP as

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  • 1.  AP325 LACP Config and GRE striping IP as

    Posted Sep 24, 2020 04:47 PM

    AP325 LACP Config and GRE striping IP as
    ‎09-29-2017 10:44 AM

    Hello Airheads Community,

    I am running on an older 3000-series controller with AP-325s attached as local APs.

    I have followed the guidance from the following pages and discussions and have both the striping IP configured with an unused IP that is on the same subnet as the lms IP:

    striping-ip lms

    My AP Sytem profile has the same lms IP configured

    ap system-profile "local_AP"

    Reference articles:




    No matter what I do I get the same result: LACP working between the AP325 and Cisco 3560G switches, a GRE Striping IP of and of course uneven distribution of traffic from AP -> switch:

    AP LACP GRE Striping IP:

    AP LACP Status
    Link Status LACP Rate Num Ports Actor Key Partner Key Partner MAC
    ----------- --------- --------- --------- ----------- -----------
    Up slow 2 17 34 50:17:ff:fc:cf:00

    Slave Interface Status
    Slave I/f Name Permanent MAC Addr Link Status Member of LAG Link Fail Count
    -------------- ------------------ ----------- ------------- ---------------
    eth0 f0:5c:19:ca:19:c0 Up Yes 0
    eth1 f0:5c:19:ca:19:c1 Up Yes 0

    GRE Traffic Received on Enet Ports
    Radio Num Enet 0 Rx Count Enet 1 Rx Count
    --------- --------------- ---------------
    0 0 12258
    1 0 2861
    non-wifi 0 3465

    Traffic Sent on Enet Ports
    Radio Num Enet 0 Tx Count Enet 1 Tx Count
    --------- --------------- ---------------
    0 9998 0
    1 1365 0
    non-wifi 5658 3

    Any suggestions in addition to what has been mentioned in the referenced articles? Thank you for your assistance, -Shane

    #6.4.4 #ap325 ​​ ​

    Gregory Weaver