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Net Edit Paid Licensing + Trial

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  • 1.  Net Edit Paid Licensing + Trial

    Posted Jul 23, 2021 05:50 PM

    I have a very basic question for which I have had issues finding an answer. I hope someone can clarify it for me. We are in the process of getting 30 AOS-CX switches which we will integrate with Net Edit, AFAIK there is a 25 node trial and a single node paid subscription, can we mix both of those "licenses"? For example, since we will deploy 30 switches do I need to "pay" for 5 licenses only (use the 25 node trial + 5 paid node subscriptions) or it does not work that way and I should get the 30 node paid subscriptions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Juan Jose Perez Avila

  • 2.  RE: Net Edit Paid Licensing + Trial

    Posted Jul 25, 2021 06:33 PM

    There is no really licence with netedit, everybody can free activate it just with one mouse click. You can't add the single node licence to netedit.
    This is only a question of support, if you have 30 nodes on your netedit and have paid only 5 licences and you open a ticket for aruba support .. they will probably tell you buy 25 another licences before they help you :D

    Laurent from Brest / France
    Network Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Net Edit Paid Licensing + Trial
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    Posted Jul 26, 2021 03:38 AM
    Let me place a remark here. The point that there is no strict licence enforcement, does not mean there is no license required. What 'works' and what is legally correct are two different things, for NetEdit the current idea is to invest in the product rather than to invest in strict license enforcement.

    If you use NetEdit in production, or above 25 nodes, you should get licenses. As the name suggests, the 25 node trial is to try the product before you buy it. For that reason, you will need to get 30 licenses for a 30 node AOS-CX network.

    Herman Robers
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