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Aruba Networks ArubaOS 8 & AirMatch Deep Dive Session

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  • 1.  Aruba Networks ArubaOS 8 & AirMatch Deep Dive Session

    Posted 10 days ago
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    Join us on October 7, 2021 for an ArubaOS 8 and AirMatch Engineering Session.

    During this event, our experts will answer:

    1. What is AirMatch and how is it different from legacy ARM radio management
    2. How does AirMatch work? What information does it use to make decisions
    3. How is Airmatch configured on Aruba Mobility Conductors
    4. How to set static channel/power for APs using AirMatch
    5. How to troubleshoot RF issues with AirMatch
    6. How AirMatch works in ArubaOS 10

    Bill Xydias