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Anyone using Incident Detection in UXI yet?

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  • 1.  Anyone using Incident Detection in UXI yet?

    Posted 14 days ago
    I'm looking for anyone that is using the new AI feature in UXI to see how it has helped narrow down any app or service specific issues.  What kind of app, how much time was saved tracking down the issue, etc.

    Hopefully you're aware that Incident Detection even exists! If not, here's a short blog.
    AIOps and Experience Level Agreements | Aruba Blogs


    Trent Fierro

  • 2.  RE: Anyone using Incident Detection in UXI yet?

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi Trent,

    We've been using this feature for a while now (we were part of the original beta for it) and it's been a massive improvement for us.

    In our particular usage case we have a guest network provided by a third party that we monitor in addition to our corporate wireless, this guest network is particularly hit and miss an prior to Incident Detection would result in a sea of sad red faces making it very difficult to separate real incidents (ones that are within our power to resolve) and the constant stream of issues with this guest network (particularly things like slow DNS/DHCP response).

    Now all of the stuff that is ongoing and frequently recurring goes blue, so we still know about it, but we can reduce the alert fatigue and see actual live, business impacting incidents more easily, we will still see the guest network go down for example but not that it's consistently providing slow DNS that we've tried and failed to persuade the vendor to resolve!

    For context we have over 650 sensors deployed so we get quite a lot of incidents :)


    Matt Sheppard