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[6300/Airwave] Switch not detected by airwave

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  • 1.  [6300/Airwave] Switch not detected by airwave

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    I'm running into a weird issue with AirWave and a CX6300 switch, the switch is not being detected/added by AirWave with the following error message:

    SysObjectID "." corresponds to more than one device type, remaining as generic device type.

    I have added multiple 6300 and 6400 switches before this and I can't tell a difference as far as config goes, I even verified and this OID doesn't exist on the other switches that were added successfully so I'm at a loss.

    Tech specs:
    Switches: 6300[24/48p SR5, 48p1G]/6405
    Firmware: FL.10.06.0101
    Airwave: (VM created from ova, currently in trial period pending migrating licenses from old airwave system)

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