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Slow wifi connection in hotels

  • 1.  Slow wifi connection in hotels

    Posted Nov 20, 2020 09:24 AM
    Hi guys. As most hotels already have free wifi access, we cannot complain if the connection is too slow, right? What do you think about this issue?

  • 2.  RE: Slow wifi connection in hotels

    Posted Nov 23, 2020 05:53 AM
    What I see is that hotels offering crappy WiFi see bad reviews in the different review platforms that are also used by people to find and book their hotels. For some hotels, the WiFi is just a 'cost center', for others having good (and depending on country or type of hotel free) WiFi is part of their strategy similar to having good beds, service, and other facilities. Times are changing, and I find myself more and more using the TV-remote in a hotel room only to turn off the television. And you don't need to pay to use the television in a hotel, right?

    When I personnally look for a hotel, and I see reviews on poor WiFi or payed WiFi, I go to the next one and I feel many people do the same.

    Also when I hae issues with the WiFi, I complain at the reception, and if it is really bad and the response by the hotel is that they internally complained a lot but there is no priority by management, I help them by publishing a review so it will get management attention.

    Having good connectivity/WiFi is as having light, electricity and water these days.

    Herman Robers
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