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Bring performance and reliability to your network with the Aruba Core, Aggregation, and Access layer switches. Discuss the latest features and functionality of the ArubaOS-Switch and ArubaOS-CX devices, and find ways to improve security across your network to bring together a mobile first solution.

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Wired Captive portal
3 7 6 minutes ago by DB86
Original post by AA52
uplink between 2 Aruba switches starves from bpdu
4 25 6 hours ago by parnassus
Original post by bramdh
ARP and DHCP Inspection on UBT Mode
4 12 11 hours ago by Enjoybullife
JG963A - QoS
2 16 14 hours ago by Heckflosse
2930F shows 34% Packet Buffer
2 7 23 hours ago by OctoberHouses
Power specifications 5400R-zl2 modules
3 15 yesterday by Nelis
Security Camera Drop Out When AOS-Switch Dynamic VLAN Segmentation
5 48 2 days ago by Trinh_Nguyen
Comware 7 MSR Router upgrade with no space
5 28 2 days ago by GorazdKikelj
Original post by Richard Litchfield
5406zl compatibility AP-515 (PoE 802.3 at)
7 30 3 days ago by AlanW
Original post by HulkHull
Dynamic segmentation switch looks OK but no clients on the controllers
2 5 3 days ago by pubjohndoe
Dynamic segmentation controller failover doesn't work
4 19 3 days ago by pubjohndoe
CoPP on Aruba AOS switch with UBT
0 6 4 days ago by Enjoybullife
connect JL663A (Aruba 6300M 24SFP+ 4SFP56 Swch) with JL075 (Aruba 3810M-16SFP+)
3 11 4 days ago by ariyap
Original post by AVY
HPE OfficeConnect 1950-48G Link Aggregation to Aruba
1 8 4 days ago by thomasbnc
Original post by DennisT100
2530-48G Management Network & Setup
1 4 6 days ago by parnassus
Original post by jlee
10 41 7 days ago by MA37
New AOS-CX Documentation Landing Page!
0 7 7 days ago by justinnoonan
PowerArubaSW : a powershell module for use ArubaOS Switch REST API
22 29 7 days ago by alagoutte
fyi, aoscx-ansible-collection error "The error was: AttributeError: 'Device' object has no attribute 'configuration'"
1 4 8 days ago by alagoutte
Original post by higher_ed_admin_0978734512
Extend VLAN onto a Lenovo RackSwitch G78028
1 5 8 days ago by DB86
Original post by fakiee
BGP default route flapping in VSX pair
9 38 8 days ago by pubjohndoe
Mirror destination question on 5400R's
0 2 8 days ago by HornAlum
Stacking question, 2930M switches
13 23 8 days ago by parnassus
Original post by Jon Koelker
Aruba 8400 - Community 'public' can't be deleted
6 27 9 days ago by Matt13
Aruba 6200F - Warning Messages
4 15 10 days ago by tckoon
How to do Port Isolation in Aruba CX 6000 switch?
6 30 11 days ago by dsoleiman
WC 16.11.3 - not authorised to run this command
1 6 14 days ago by cclemmer
Original post by alexs-nd
Add two member to a existing four VSF
1 11 14 days ago by lxavier-hcor
Original post by neok
Aruba 2930F MSTP
6 36 14 days ago by Signor Mic
5406zl QoS behavior - overwrite DSCP value for VLAN
3 17 15 days ago by cmc
Zero Touch Provisioning, image problems
8 9 15 days ago by mholden
Original post by thug0151
Switch 6100 supports url redirect - Clearpass ?
10 46 15 days ago by ariyap
Original post by brunoandrad
HPE 10504 Switch
1 11 16 days ago by Ivan_B
Original post by Marzano
ArubaOS-Switch and ArubaOS-CX Transceiver Guide (Edition 11) December 2021
3 23 16 days ago by vincent.giles
Original post by parnassus
VSX and one firewall
2 14 16 days ago by vincent.giles
Original post by mikula1983
BGP Neighbor Flap
1 9 17 days ago by cclemmer
Original post by KA20
VSF Best Practices for the Aruba CX 6300 Switch Series
29 128 17 days ago by cclemmer
Original post by Matthew_Fern
Clearpass DUR only assigns initial role
3 29 17 days ago by ciaran
How to rout between vlans in Aruba 2530-48G by web interface ?
4 14 18 days ago by egrogg
Original post by nvn199
Migrating from PVOS to AOS-CX & could use some help.
11 47 18 days ago by parnassus
Original post by killo
3810M switch port not working
1 10 20 days ago by parnassus
Original post by dileep.kum.pareekhp@hpe.com
HPE ProCurve / STP Force Version : RSTP-operation
4 26 21 days ago by -Alex-
Original post by danW
Aruba Virtual Simulator (spanning-tree issue)
1 11 22 days ago by Shieva
Original post by William86
3810M AAA error after upgrade - "Access denied; maximum session limit for the user is reached."
4 24 24 days ago by John Fedor
Aruba 2930M-24SR-PoE switch Password break.
1 9 24 days ago by parnassus
Original post by sanjibbehera123
IT-OT Application Examples of a production network based on ARUBA and Siemens SCALANCE
2 14 25 days ago by parnassus
Original post by jmuedsam
Aruba 2530 & Aruba 2930F 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ Switch Transceivers
1 10 25 days ago by ariyap
Original post by FA11
Aruba-CX VSX ISL Link: native VLAN 1 is not tagged, is it valid to use another VLAN as native?
4 26 one month ago by r.grossmann
ArubaOS-CX BGP default route
5 17 one month ago by ariyap
Original post by Rensk
2930M-48G-PoE+ Switch (JL322A) Firmware upgrade from GUI
2 13 one month ago by HPElearner