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Why do I see GRE striping IP as in "show ap debug lacp ap-name  

Feb 23, 2017 04:43 PM


Under the command "show ap debug lacp ap-name <name of the AP>" I see the GRE striping IP as 

What could be the reason behind this and how to correct it?


1. See if AP lacp striping IP is enabled.

2. Verify if unique striping IP in controller IP's subnet is provided.

3. Confirm if the LMS is also -provided in AP sytem profile. 


(Aruba7210) # show ap-lacp-striping-ip

AP LACP LMS map information
Parameter                                 Value
---------                                          -----
AP LACP Striping IP                 Enabled
GRE Striping IP               LMS


4. See if the AP system profile has the correct LMS ip mentioned:

(Master) #show ap database

AP Database
Name               Group     AP Type  IP Address  Status     Flags  Switch IP  Standby IP
----               -----     -------  ----------  ------     -----  ---------  ----------
9c:1c:12:c0:a2:e4  225  Up 19m:2s

Flags: U = Unprovisioned; N = Duplicate name; G = No such group; L = Unlicensed
       I = Inactive; D = Dirty or no config; E = Regulatory Domain Mismatch
       X = Maintenance Mode; P = PPPoE AP; B = Built-in AP; s = LACP striping
       R = Remote AP; R- = Remote AP requires Auth; C = Cellular RAP;
       c = CERT-based RAP; 1 = 802.1x authenticated AP; 2 = Using IKE version 2
       u = Custom-Cert RAP; S = Standby-mode AP; J = USB cert at AP
       i = Indoor; o = Outdoor
       M = Mesh node; Y = Mesh Recovery

Total APs:1


(Master) # ap-regroup ap-name 9c:1c:12:c0:a2:e4  default
NOTE: For cert RAP ap-group specified in RAP whitelist will take precedence.

(Master) #show ap-group default

AP group "default"
Parameter                                Value
---------                                -----
Virtual AP                               default
Virtual AP                               40Mhz
Virtual AP                               20Mhz
802.11a radio profile                    default
802.11g radio profile                    default
Ethernet interface 0 port configuration  default
Ethernet interface 1 port configuration  default
Ethernet interface 2 port configuration  shutdown
Ethernet interface 3 port configuration  shutdown
Ethernet interface 4 port configuration  shutdown
AP system profile                        default

VoIP Call Admission Control profile      default

(Master) # show ap system-profile default

AP system profile "default"
Parameter                               Value
---------                               -----
RF Band                                 g
RF Band for AM mode scanning            all
Native VLAN ID                          1
Tunnel Heartbeat Interval               1
Session ACL                             ap-uplink-acl
Corporate DNS Domain                    N/A
SNMP sysContact                         N/A
LED operating mode (11n/11ac APs only)  normal
LED override                            Disabled
Driver log level                        emergencies
SAP MTU                                 N/A
RAP MTU                                 1200 bytes
LMS IP                                  N/A

Backup LMS IP                           N/A


1. Enable AP lacp, give correct GRE striping IP and lms IP on the controller:


(Aruba7210) #configure t
(Aruba7210) (config) #ap-lacp-striping-ip
(Aruba7210) (AP LACP LMS map information) #aplacp-enable
(Aruba7210) (AP LACP LMS map information) #striping-ip lms

2. configure the same lms IP in corresponding ap system profile:

(Master) #configure t
(Master) (config) #ap system-profile default
(Master) (AP system profile "default") #lms-ip
(Master) (AP system profile "default") #write memory

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