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New Aruba WiFi Network - Cloud Auth + Guest Network - Best practice how to onboard new devices?

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  • 1.  New Aruba WiFi Network - Cloud Auth + Guest Network - Best practice how to onboard new devices?

    Posted 16 days ago
    Hello Aruba! I am looking for some advice on how to "onboard" users to a brand new Aruba cluster set up in a new location for one of our subsidiaries. The setup: I have set up a new Aruba Cluster (trough Aruba Central), 5 Ap-345 APs. There will be about 50 users in total. I have set up a Guest Network through Central. The employee setup is Enterprise using "Cloud Authentication" (Azure AD connected). For the users to connect using Cloud Authentication, they have to go to an URL and download and install an .ppkg file (passpoint.ppkg). How do they do this when there is no Internet Access? There seem to be no way to "whitelist" a url like you can in guest networks. I guess they can connect to the Guest network first and then download and install the package. The Aruba documentation on this is not very helpful. I can allways distribute the .ppkg using some offline device but this seems to be counter-productive. We do have and use Microsoft Intune, so I thought I could use that to distribute the passpoint.ppkg in advance but this does not seem to work. Another option is to set up a "Personal Network" with a classic WPA3 key and distribute the key. This way I can also use Intune to deploy the key and setup, but only after the users are online. but I would rather avoid this since it is not secure. I do not want to setup Clearpass as this adds complexity and cost, and I do not want any on-prem servers. Any thoughts on how this could be done in a better/simpler way? I would love to hear your thoughts :)Dinar Guru Updates