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Replacing cluster. Going from AP-205 to AP-635

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  • 1.  Replacing cluster. Going from AP-205 to AP-635

    Posted May 31, 2023 04:06 PM

    Please forgive me if this scenario has already brought up.

    We have a large cluster of IAP-205 access points that we plan to do a 1-to-1 swap out with with new AP-635 APs.  
    The current AP-205s are running firmware 6.5.4 and the new APs are likely running 8.x.x.   Will the AP-635 downgrade to version 6.5.4 version as it joins the cluster.  I'm not sure if the AP-635 supports 6.5.4.x 

    Just trying to figure out the easiest and painless process with minimal network switch configuration for this migration. 


  • 2.  RE: Replacing cluster. Going from AP-205 to AP-635

    Posted May 31, 2023 06:28 PM

    No the AP-635s will not downgrade. The min firmware that  they support is InstantOS

    i suggest connect one fo the AP-635s to a different subnet and  replicate the configuration from your APs and then test it.

    once you are happy with yhe test outcome then replace IAP-205s with it.

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