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  • Hi, How can I get GuestUser:SponsorName to work with LDAP queries, under Policy Manager? I want to block all mac track devices if the Sponsor user account is disabled or blocked. I can see GuestUser:sponsor_email, ...

  • Good afternoon. I have a 6000 controller with an M3 supervisor card I got off Ebay a while ago; I was lucky enough that it has 32 AP, 32 PEF NG and 32 RF licenses - is it possible to have these transferred ...

  • 10.07 releasing today


    Just saw the entries popping up in ASP, "standard release" 10.07.0004 with a release date of April 21st. Links for release notes are not pointing at any documents yet. Based on some of the demos from ...

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    Hi, there's a way to increase rest API limit for simultaneus requests? We need to avoid timeout errors for multiple reqs. Thanks

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    Hi, there's a way to increase simultaneus request limit for rest API inside Aruba IAP? To avoid timeout errors. Thanks

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    Airheads, we have an update to the terminology we use daily. The shift is intended to do away with the unintentional insensitive terms we have been using for years. When Aruba was founded nearly 20 years ago, it was built on core values like Customer First, Customer Last where everything we do starts and ends with our customers; breaking the Learn more

  • Welcome to the new Airheads Community! This is a natural next step in our evolution for Airheads and all of our users. We're upgrading the community experience to improve your experience with the community and your peers. We're always looking for ways to enhance the experience and keep a high level of excellence, so today is an exciting day. Learn more

  • Join us November 18th for the upcoming AI Field Day 1 live broadcast where you’ll learn how applying artificial intelligence (AI) and automation help solve growing IT operations challenges for wireless, switching, and WAN environments of any size or location. Focus areas include: Why dynamic baselining Site specific Insights and remediation Learn more

  • I traveled to Singapore for Atmosphere Asia Pacific in September. Atmosphere conferences are always fun, and this was no exception. It kicked off with Dominic Orr’s Keynote, where one of the customers on stage was Nick Hobbs, of Epworth Hospitals, Australia’s largest private hospital. I was part of the team that delivered Keerti Melkote’s Tech Keynote Learn more

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