07-19-13 Expert Day

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AirWave Floor Plans

When editing the floor plan on visual RF the refresh option pops up during the afternoon.  Is this cause of user location updates on the floor plan.  This seems to happen during high traffic times that it seems to have more latency.

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Re: AirWave Floor Plans

Is there a way you can post a screenshot of the pop-up that you are seeing?


Also, you can increase the memory allocation for Visual RF for better performance.


Some of the standard recommendations from the user guide are as follows but in some cases you may required more depending on the number of clients and the data being recieved and processed by AMP


 It is not dynamically allocated and all the memory is consumed upon starting the service. Be sure to check the memory and swap utilization in the Systems > Performance page before making any changes. The exact amount of memory used per floor plan will vary heavily based on the size, number of devices and number of grid cells on the floor plan.

l 25 floors or less 512 MB
l 25 to 50 floors 768 MB
l 50 to 75 floors 1 GB
l 75 to 100 floors 1.5 GB
l 100 to 200 floors 3 GB

l 200 to 300 floors 5 GB (64-bit only)
l Above 300 8 GB (64-bit only)

NOTE: If you see Out of Memory errors in the SSL error log on the System
> Status page, you should increase memory allocation.

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