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Airwave Sizing


I am about to deploy an instant system where there are 900 stores that will each have 1 instant ap and perhaps 5-10 clients at once connected to each store.

The client will not be importing floor plans and is not worried about locations

According to recommended airwave system the system will need 32gig ram and roughly 450gig hard drive space for the device numbers.

The question is if we are purely using airwave for management of configuration of the instants and some basic reporting then can we get away with the minimum specs or less for 1000 devices.

I only ask as the customer is hosting airwave in the cloud where they pay for everything and want to make sure that we are not over-provisioning. It is easier to scale up than scale down.

Thanks guys.
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Re: Airwave Sizing

Hi Revans,


Yes, you can always start with minimum specs. But make sure Hard disk drive has sufficient space. We can increase RAM and CPU at anytime. However, for disk, we cannot increase the space easily, we have to have a new disk and install AMP again and restore old backup. The recommended specs were given to get optimal performance from the server.

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