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Aruba 620 controller to use VLAN on Cicso L2/L3 switch

Hi all you airheads out there,


I have been researching this for a while. I have an Aruba 620 controller, OS, and eight APs. On my LAN I Use Cisco switches, 4 L2 and one L3. I have configure a VLAN (20) on the Cisco switches and it is operating fine. I have been wanting to configure the Aruba 620 to use VLAN 20 for one, two, or perhaps all of the ports on the 620. The documentation I have been reading seems to describe how to configure VLANS on the 620 but I don't see where there is information on integrating with other VLANS that are already operating. Can someone (or two or three) enlighten me on how this might be accomplished? Or at least direct me to documentation That may help me get my wireless clients onto my operating VLAN. Really, any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Aruba 620 controller to use VLAN on Cicso L2/L3 switch



Do you plan to use an access link or trunk link from the Aruba 620 controller to the uplink switch?

Which Cisco swich is being used for uplink to Aruba (i.e., L2 or L3)? Also, do you plan to use port-channel configuration?

Barath Srinivasan
Customer Engineering Architect
Customer Advocacy | Aruba Networks Inc.
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