07-19-13 Expert Day

Aruba Employee

How does ARM 2.0 work?

Q: How does ARM 2.0 work?



Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) 2.0 adds standards compliant infrastructure-based control of wireless clients

  • Band Steering – Steer multi-band clients to 5GHz band
  • Spectrum Load Balancing - load balance clients across channels
  • Airtime Fairness - scheduled access for dense deployments
  • Airtime Performance Protection - assures 802.11n performance in presence of legacy clients
  • Multicast Traffic Optimization – assures optimal performance for multicast applications
  • Coordinated Access to a Single Channel - co-channel interference mitigation for radios on a single channel
  • Co-channel Interference Mitigation - APs at points of excess capacity revert to air monitors

The net result: closes the gap between the theoretical and real-world performance of Wi-Fi devices

Barath Srinivasan
Customer Engineering Architect
Customer Advocacy | Aruba Networks Inc.
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