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Number of APs per Uplink

I have two Aruba 3200XM controllers (masters) and two Aruba 6000 Mobility Controllers with a single M3 module in each unit (local).

Everyone is running software, and the master and local controllers each have a single 1G uplink to the network.


We have 430 APs between the two local controllers. From highest quantity to lowest, I have AP125, AP105, AP135, and AP93s.


Is there a rule of thumb, (Ratio of APs to Uplinks), that I need to be aware of when considering when to add additional 1G or 10G uplinks to the masters and/or local controllers?


Also, how would this ratio be impacted when moving 10-20% of existing APs to 802.11ac?



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Re: Number of APs per Uplink

The general rule of thumb for current APs is 1 gig link per 100 APs.


I would feel comfortable putting 50 802.11AC APs per 1 gig link, but maybe someone else can chime in on that one.



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Re: Number of APs per Uplink

The answer to that question is multi-part for 802.11ac


1 - Forwarding mode for AP-22x


2 - Percentage of real 802.11ac clients


3 - Type of traffic clients are offering


4 - Do you have bandwidth contracts?


For example a Samsung Galaxy S4 in a quiet RF environment of 250 Mb/Sec TCP downstream,   In a normal environment speedtest.net results have been on the order of 150-200 mb




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