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Welcome to the event! Common question on the function of ARM

Welcome to the Airheads Expert Day! Here's a common question related to ARM:


Q: What is the function of ARM?



Aruba’s ARM is a distributed approach to enable self configuring, self healing wireless networks. In order to fully utilize the available spectrum, increase the system capacity, and the number of users supported, ARM dynamically learns about the RF medium and adapts accordingly. This is accomplished by AP’s that periodically scan other channels, analyzes the interference level seen on other channels and reports it back to the controller. The controller then computes the most optimized setting and instructs the AP to work accordingly. There is a small amount of time when the AP’s leave their channel to conduct scanning operations that are essential to ARM. Where there are real time applications such as video/voice running on the network, this periodic scan might result in latency, jitter and eventually degrade the quality of the signal. Because of the stateful firewall in the Aruba controller, ARM is application-aware, so that access points stop scanning other channels in the presence of time-sensitive applications such as voice and video. Aruba’s Video Aware Scan setting is required to be enabled for video deployments. 

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Re: Welcome to the event! Common question on the function of ARM

Thanks Alc this was such a great idea!!!!!!




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