07-19-13 Expert Day

Aruba Employee

What new attacks are detected in AOS 6.0?


802.11 Infrastructure Attack Detection
Adhoc Using Valid SSID
Broadcast-Disassociation Detection
CTS/RTS Flood Attack Detection
Fake Client Attack Detection
Wellenreiter Detection
Impersonation Detection
AP Spoofing
Authorized Client Monitoring
Valid Client Mis-association
Authorized Client in Unencrypted mode
Attacks on Clients Associated to Valid APs
Disconnect Station Attack Detection
Block Ack Attack Detection
TKIP Replay Attack Detection
ChopChop Attack Detection
Hotspotter Attack Detection
Omerta Attack Detection
FATA-Jack Attack Detection
Malformed Packet Checks
WVE-2008-0011: Auto Immune Attack.
Malformed HT IE
WVE-2008-0010: Marvell Null SSID Association Request
WVE-2008-0008: Atheros IE Tag Overflow
WVE-2008-0009: Marvell EAPOL-Key Length Overflow
DoS Attack: Virtual Carrier Attack
Wrong beacon channel number reported
Malformed Frames

Vinod Kumaar AVM ACMX, ACDX
Principal Network Engineer
Customer Advocacy | Aruba Networks Inc.

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