07-19-13 Expert Day

Aruba Employee

Wireless Clients Report a Low Signal Level

If APs detect strong signals from other APs on the same channel, they may decrease their power levels accordingly.


Issue the CLI commands:


#show ap arm rf-summary ap-name <ap-name> or

#show ap arm rf-summary ip-addr <ap ip address>


for all APs and check their current coverage index (cov-idx). If the AP’s coverage index is at or higher than the configured coverage index value, then the APs have correctly chosen the transmit power setting.


To manually increase the minimum power level for the APs using a specific ARM profile, define a higher minimum value with the command 


#rf arm-profile <profile> min-tx-power <dBm>.


If wireless clients still report that they see low signal levels for the APs, check that the AP’s antennas are correctly connected to the AP and correctly placed according to the manufacturer’s installation guide.

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