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802.1x-WPA2-AES authentication on Blackberry

Dear All,
I am unable to associate with SSID configured with 802.11i (802.1x + WPA-AES)
I have the following info:

1. Termination is done on Controller:
EAP type: PEAP
Inner EAP type: MSChapv2

2. Blackberry running OS 4.6

My laptop and iphone can easily connect. but blackberry is giving authentication failure.

According to my research, BB OS 5.0 has an option to DONT VALIDATE Server certificate but since most of the users are on 4.6, i want to push/save the certificate from the controller to BB.

My query is how to extract Cert from controller and then sign it to be installed in BB. Or if there is any other option for this,kindly let me know then. My current config in BB is :

Band Type: 802.11b/g
Security Type: PEAP
CA Certificate: ==> I think this is the issue!!!
Inner link security: EAP-MS-CHAP-v2
Server Subject:
Server SAN:

In the OS 5.0, the option is as:
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Re: 802.1x-WPA2-AES authentication on Blackberry

The above issue has been resolved by seleting the appropiate certificate from controller side. Since termination is on Aruba controller and it acting as a server the CA certificate by default is :
Equifax Secure CA certificate
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Re: 802.1x-WPA2-AES authentication on Blackberry


Thank you.

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