802.11 Client Device Interoperability

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Are you having issues with (Brand X) Wireless cards?

I have to decide which wireless cards will be our school system's standard for the next couple of years and was wondering if you would share your opinions and experiences with the following cards...

Dell Wireless 1510

Intel WiFi Link 5100

Intel WiFi Link 5300

(I did see some here are having issues with the 5100 freezing computers)

Thanks bigtime!
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Brand X cards

I'm sure other peeps will chime in, but my only problems have been with the Novell GINA causing problems from what I can tell when using 802.1x auth. Other than that, no problems per se with the cards themselves, other than the ones that say they're Dell but really being Huawai under the covers. I've seen those cards not play nice with the AP-70's when the cards are config'd to run in "N" mode.
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Re: Are you having issues with (Brand X) Wireless cards?

I've only had direct experience with the Intel cards and I haven't had too many issues with them. However, you really have to stay current on the drivers.
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Re: Are you having issues with (Brand X) Wireless cards?

We're using many devices with the 5100 (as well as many 2915/3945) cards. We have several issues we're trying to troubleshoot. I have a radius consultant coming in to fix any issues from that end but many of the issues appear Intel driver related... unfortunately we can't constantly upgrade 11,000 devices with drivers especially when they are 1 to 1 computers which students take home every night. We are strongly considering moving to Broadcom because of the problems with Intel and near complete lack of help from Intel.

Definitely suggest you don't use the ProSet if at all possible.
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Re: Are you having issues with (Brand X) Wireless cards?

Thanks for the input. I agree Pete, Intel support for the wireless isn't very good. I'll have to check out the Broadcom cards.
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