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Atheros AR9285 Trouble

I've been having trouble getting a new Asus Eee PC 1005HA with the Atheros AR9285 chipset to associate on any of our HT-enabled networks. It's able to associate without any trouble on the AP-65s, etc., but no luck on AP-125s with HT enabled on 2.4GHz.

Currently we're using driver version on XP SP3.

Has anyone else had similar trouble, any suggestions, driver versions that worked, etc.,?
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You might want to try ArubaOS or ArubaOS to deal with this issue.

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We upgraded to to address a separate issue and the Asus 1005HA client is now working with HT MCS 0-15 fully enabled on 2.4GHz. Thanks for the tip.

(While we were debugging on the older code we also found that instead of disabling HT entirely we could enable just MCS 0-7 - the single stream rates - and the client would be able to associate as well.)