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Captive Portal using WPAD, MAC/iPhone issues...

We have a Guest ssid, open access, authentication via either Captive Portal or LDAP (for staff), and use WPAD for client configuration of porxy servers...

As expected, this all works fine on windows based clients, but not MACS/iPhones... is their a solution/workaround for this?

When connecting to the Guest SSID, and opening browser, you are redirected to the CP, where you can login fine on a PC, but Safari doesnt seem to like the secure login page, which should automatically close, but doesnt, and the close button on the page doest work either. Conseequently, the only option you have is to cancel, whcih disassociates you from the ssid.

Whilst I understand the WPAD is for IE configuration, is there a way to get this to work for Mac devices???

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Re: Captive Portal using WPAD, MAC/iPhone issues...

You have two issues: captive portal and proxy settings.

Please try the DNS method for autodiscovery of a proxy for Safari here:

The second issue.... does Captive Portal work fine on all other devices? Did it ever work on the mac?

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Re: Captive Portal using WPAD, MAC/iPhone issues...

Thanks fror the pointers, Ill have a look at that info...

We dont know with Macs, as we dont technically support them on site, nor do we have any, it mainly users wanting to use their own personal devices to access the internet, so we may have to track one down and use theirs!

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A quick question,

Further to cjoseph's question, is the problem on Macs only or does it happen on windows PC's as well?

What version of Safari and MacOS? We noticed an issue on Macs that were Leopard pre 10.5.8 and Snow Leopard pre 10.6.3 (I believe)

If it happens on iPhones/iPads, go into preferences and turn off Safari's autocomplete. Once you do that, these mobile devices will work without issue. (
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Re: Captive Portal using WPAD, MAC/iPhone issues...

Dont worry about the proxy settings or the slowness of that use the WCCP instead its hardware independent IPAD, MAC, Android etc. Work much faster.

How it works

1. configure the normal Aruba CP
2. Configure the cisco router with WCCP
3. Add the router to your proxy as WCCP client

What it will do it will intercept all the guest traffic i.e. 80 443 etc and will redirect to your proxy so the solution is transparent to the guest users

You're done
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