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Cards for 802.11a/n and fast roaming on Windows 7 clients


we are looking for cards that are capable to do fast roaming on windows 7 client PC's. This is for a project where we have fog lifts that are equipped with terminals that run Windows 7. These fog lifts travel at speeds about 30 km/h (around 20 mph). And we observe the PC's wait for a very long time before they roam to an AP near the current location. We open observe that the PC is still connected to a far away AP with >-75 dbm and low speed / high retry rates and it seems it only roams when the connection is really lost. So even if the fog lift has reached a destination and the driver tries to access the data it is all very slow because its connected to an weak AP.

Maybe somebody had a comparable application and can suggest some clients / cards that are working. We would prefer USB adapters that have connectors for external antennas because that might be the easiest way to 'integrate' this device into the terminal.

The driver for the integrated card is missing any options to tune roaming...


Low Transmit Data Rates


On a related note, have you already disabled the 'lowest' data rates within the SSID profile to 'help' devices roam? That often helps when one has sticky clients that refuse to perform optimized roaming. Use it often to battle the far-away AP attachment that some devices just want to do.

These settings are under Configuration/WLAN/SSID profile/Advanced, you can remove the first 2-3 rates under 'transmit rates' to see how/if that improves things as you look at finding/testing new hardware. Don't modify the basic rates. May be a good measure to improve things.
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Re: Cards for 802.11a/n and fast roaming on Windows 7 clients

We have a project similar to this.
We set Station Handoff assist.

But the Win 7 client still show the sticky client syndrome...
We'll test this out.


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