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Excessive roaming with Intel 4965agn

We're starting to see more laptops with this chipset onboard, and occasionally run into a problem where it'll roam between two similar-strength 802.11g APs constantly, such that it has a noticeable impact on throughput. Changing the chipset's Roaming Aggressiveness setting has no effect on the problem. We've been working around these issues as they come up, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen them, and if so, if they have a fix.
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Driver Version

Just curious; What is the driver version of the 4965AGN Clients?

- Kiran
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Re: Excessive roaming with Intel 4965agn

Yes, I've seen that behavior with the Intel cards. However, in our case, changing the roaming aggressiveness did help. We had to use it with caution as you can have a user stuck to an AP with a much weaker signal than a closer one when they become mobile.

Regardless, we found it imperative to be at the latest version of Intel's driver set, either 13.0 or 12.4.4 (whichever they are offering for your OS). We had a lot of issues with versions earlier than those.
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