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Handheld Scanners

Although we've been able to get regular PCs/Laptops working with 802.1x we're just now working on implementing our Aruba WLAN for some Symbol Handheld scanners (windows CE and windows mobile). We would really like to use certificates for the device and some sort of user authentication (these devices are not tied into AD).

Is there a way to authenticate with 802.1x for the machine and then use Captive Portal (either tied into AD or static accounts on the controller/radius server) for access to the internal network?

The main goal is to prevent unauthorized access for stolen/lost handheld scanners.
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802.1x on Windows CE

Even though these aren't domain devices, can 802.1x on Windows CE require that they enter domain credentials?
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Re: Handheld Scanners

As long as those HHTs can support certificate services (likely local cert store) and you have a RADIUS backend to authenticate the certificate piece, I wouldn't think it would be any different than a regular client. But if the OS is older and doesn't support certificates, I'm not sure what your next step would be.

you might have to look at getting a stronger wireless supplicant (ala Juniper Odyssey Access Client) to do alot of what you are wanting.

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