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Intel ProSet Issues

ISSUE: Intel ProSet client loses it's custom profile when multiple users access the same laptop.


  • After 3 updates to the client, NONE

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I hate to say it...

If you have to manage a large number of laptops, use the Windows Supplicant and Install the "Drivers Only" version of Intel Proset. At least when using the Windows supplicant you have a chance by managing devices using group policy. The ProSet supplicant has proven to be unreliable to a number of people that I have spoken to.

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Re: Intel ProSet Issues

Greetings cjoseph,

Yes I agree, the ProSet has proven to be unreliable in this case. On the other hand, the second set of users in this building, who do not share laptops, are using the full ProSet client and have had no issues.

(This issue with the ProSet client has forced me to look at using GPO and the Windows client.)

This building is a pure "N" environment and so MIMO (3x3) performance is important to me. By using the full ProSet client, I have more means available to me to tweak wireless radio's settings than using the Window's client alone.

I'm seeing 240+ Mbps (@ 5.0 GHz) versus around 120 Mbps (@ 5.0 GHz)
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Re: Intel ProSet Issues

That is great to hear you have a pure N environment. May I ask which NICs you have and what driver versions? You should still be able to achieve 240+ mcs rates with Windows Zero Config when using a 2+ stream NIC that is 40 MHZ SGI capable. I feel that Intel driver version 12.4 seems to work much better with the 11n NICs.
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Re: Intel ProSet Issues

Greetings Ken,

The Hardware is Intel 4965AGN and the software ver. is 12.4.

I'm using IxoChariot to test the bandwidth using multiple pairs.

I will not have the additional Window Client options available via GPOs, which you you may be thinking of, until we approve Vista/Win7.0 for roll-out to our laptops, which will be in another 5 years or so. ;)

The XP GPO is basically.... basic.
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Re: Intel ProSet Issues

The downside to Windows Zero Config is its monlithic nature. Even Microsoft attested to this drawback. If you aspire to use EAP-TLS as your EAP TYPE, go ahead and anticipate "problems" with using your PKI, if your PKI is already in production and using CAPI for client authentication certificates. I spent several months looking for a workaround, but eventually had to resign my security protocol to EAP-PEAP. 802.1x wireless client authentication has a dependency upon a client cert being generic, ie, not using forced key protection. A simple solution would be to remove CAPI from the client cert, but dependencies already existed that was prohibitive to augmenting the existing certificate. PEAP isn't so bad....
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Re: Intel ProSet Issues

Fortunately I have been using 802.1x Authentication from the gitgo. Everything has been rock solid since I moved to the Windows Client, just a bit slower. :D
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Intel Proset Issue

We have about 500 laptops in our high school with another 200 or so spread out across our district. Since we moved to 802.1x auth. about every 4 to 5 weeks we start having an issue out laptops cant find the domain. If we disable the wireless card, reboot with a network cable login, unplug network cable, reboot and use the wireless it is fine. It si almost like the laptops are losing their trust with the domain. I check teh our IAS server logs and the laptop isn't even getting to try and authenticate. Has anyone come across this problem? We are using the following:

  • Aruba Controller 3600
  • AP-65
  • windows 2003 domain
  • windows 2003 w/Radius
  • lenovo laptops w/windows xp sp3
  • intel pro/wireless 3945ABG interfaces
  • WPA2 w/AES
  • PEAP

If I make the SSID Open it connects with no problem. Any help would be much appreciated!

Ed Roche
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Re: Intel ProSet Issues

Are you using the full Intel PROSet Client or just the wireless driver?

Are you using a GPO to configure the wireless client?

To fix my problem....

1. Extended the Server 2003 AD schema to allow Server 2008/Vista group policies.
2. Created a XP wireless Group Policy Object, which configures the client for our Wireless settings, and linked it to the OUs that contain the laptops.
3. Removed the full Intel PROSet Client and left the driver.
4. Added 3 additional IAS servers to handle the additional authentication load.

Each time Group Policy updates it reinforces the wireless configuration and prevents the user from deleting or modifying the profile.

Since then I've tweaked Group Policy to filter out objects and grant/deny Group Membership, but the basic setup is still the same.
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