802.11 Client Device Interoperability


Interoperability Testing Results

A list of client devices, software and peripherals tested with Aruba's wireless LAN are listed on http://www.arubanetworks.com/support/interoperability.php

Have you tested or are running a device that is not listed here?
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Re: Interoperability Testing Results

This is very useful information and would be good to keep it updated. Two of my client machines are running Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( on MacBook Pro, and Intel 5100agn ( on Lenovo X200s. Would anyone know how frequently the page gets updated?
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Unitech and Casio barcode scanners compatibility

Hello everybody!
We have about no problems in static envirounments (when client doesn't move).

But for moving clients there is much more troubles.
In warehouses we have troubles with some barcode scanners and mobile PCs.

Some of them are quit old -- use 5V PCMCIA Proxim Orinoco Card for example, which is listed as compatible, but latest driver I could find still doesn't support anything more than WEP and seems doing no rooming at all. But this devices are doing kind, so it doesn't matter actually (but if you have newer driver for this card -- give me a hint, please!).

But I am quit interested if somebody has expirience with such handheld bar-code scanners:

Unitech PA968 (Windows CE) works quit well, including roaming.

Casio DT-X7 (Windows CE) has nice sensitivity and network tools, but some problems with roaming -- changes APs all the time without reason, and at that moments link is lost -- drops a couple of pings. Situation is improved a bit when set "power save on" -- it somehow makes roaming not so haotic, but still not good enough.

Typical site is a big (with metal walls) warehouse (120x50 m) with 10 m high shelves with goods on all area, ~13 m ceilings. Application is a WEB page, where scanned codes are posted. All devices are 802.11G (or even b), APs ar AP60/61, signal levels ar OK in all areas.

Anybody has expirience to share?
Also any tips in WLAN configuration to improve roaming behavier of clients are welcome.
It runs now on 3.4.0 version, if it will improve things, we can upgrade to 5.0, but in 24/7 production network it is difficult.

Thanks in advance,