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Microsoft and Dlink WDA1320 "CA not available"

New Guy here. Hello Everyone,

I have an intermittent issue with rollouts. Some work some don't with regard to getting a wireless connection. All amchines are pre-logged in with a wired connection to receive the CA from group policy.
Now the connection will usually work initially, but sometimes it will not re-connect and state that the "Certificate is not available" when infact it is there and checked off. All other settings are correct and it simply will not connect.
Our work around is to re-wire it to the lan and login with a wired connection. This then allows us to re-coonect wirelessly. We can then re-boot and continue on with a wireless connection from that point forward. On some rare occassions we may have to do that once more. If anyone has any idea what the heck is going on with this I could sure use the help.

Best Regards
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Group Policy


It would seem that you are not the only one that has group policy issues. Another user here seems to be having group policy issues, as well. Do you have any more details like what service pack your clients are running on, if you have done any recent updates or when it started happening?

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Service Pack 2 with most patches and hotfixes.

Hey there,

Yes we're running all of these on SP2. All machines are Dell desktops with the Dlink card. I'm having a feeing that it's simply a Windows glitch, but no where have I found an answer yet.

Keep me posted, no pun!
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