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Recommended PCI adapter with 11a/n support?

Dear *.*,

we are planning a larger wireless installation with around 40-50 AP-125 in a school. The clients are normal desktop clients (not notebooks) and shall be upgraded with a wireless card in a PCI slot. We would not use USB-Adapters because we afraid that they will be stolen. Are there any recommendations about wireless adapters with PCI (or PCIe) Slot and 802.11a/n support (especially 5Ghz-11a, 11b/g is not necessary)?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Recommended PCI adapter with 11a/n support?

We've standardized on Linksys for desktops and laptops without integrated wi-fi. They're easy to get and reliable. The WMP600N is our choice of PCI card for desktops. It supports .11n in 5GHz.
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Re: Recommended PCI adapter with 11a/n support?

Hi Mike,

thanks for the reply. We've also tried the Linksys WMP600N with 11.a+HT but run into a lot of problems. The clients disconnected randomly. Sometimes they connected themself back to the WLAN and sometimes not (if then the user right-clicks on the wireless-icon in the tray and choose "repair" everything is fine again).
So we changed completly to .11g and all the problems were gone. Cause the driver (available from Linksys homepage) is around 2 years old, we think, that the .11a+HT support is not fully developed. The goal in the project is to use .11a+HT because the 2.4Ghz-band at the customers site is pretty overloaded by AVM- and other WLAN-boxes in the neighborhood.

Did you use these adapters in other projects with 5Ghz-Only? And could you give us some hints about things we've to pay attention? There are a lot of options in the windows adapter-settings, but I did'nt find any description about these options.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Recommended PCI adapter with 11a/n support?

Hi all,

We've found the 5Ghz 802.11n connection reliability of the Linksys WMP600N cards to be greatly improved by using the Ra-Link 2860 chipset drivers - http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php (2nd link down - "PCI/mPCI/CB (RT2860 /RT2760 /RT2890 /RT2790 /RT306X /RT309X /RT35X2").

Hope this helps.

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