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Very Simple OS X question

Hi everybody,

Here's the situation:

  • We're using PEAP, backended to AD
  • Mac users connect to the network by choosing it in the list and entering their username/password
  • Passwords expire every 60 days, users reset them via a website
  • After resetting their passwords, users' Mac clients will fail authentication
  • Upon receiving the authentication failure from RADIUS, the Mac will not prompt for new username/password, instead it will wait 30 seconds and retry
  • Mac eventually locks the user out due to repeated authentication failures

Windows 7 boxes, upon receiving an authentication failure, instantly pop up a password dialog. Macs, even with the latest OS patches, just keep stupidly trying. The only workaround we've found is to eliminate the password from the network config - this causes an old Network Connect-style password dialog to pop up every time the system associates. This workaround sucks, however, because it doesn't work when the system first boots - the user has to bounce AirPort to get it to prompt.

Am I missing something here? Is everybody living with these problems, or is there a better way to support Macs? (Besides certificates, which I'd love to deploy but don't have the infrastructure for)

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