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iPhone/iPad SSID priority

Question for folks familiar with iPhone/iPad devices:
We have 3 SSIDs on our campus:
guest@hood (open access, rate limited, ports 80 and 443 only, and site limited)
secure@hood (WPA2 authentication through AD)
unsecure@hood (open, Aruba Portal access)

Users (iPad, iPhone) that connect to our secure@hood SSID are fine until they shut down or go to sleep, at which point when they wake up or power up they seem to revert to our guest@hood SSID. We are not sure yet why this occurs (posting question to Apple as well), but have you seen something like this in your travels with these kinds of devices? Even if we have them 'forget network' for guest@hood, they still revert back to this instead of the preferred secure@hood. We are not sure if it is an alphabetic priority, or ease of connection (open vs WPA2), but it is becoming rather a nuisance for our users at this time. Thanks in advance for any info.

Mike Pasquerette
Hood College, Frederick MD
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Re: iPhone/iPad SSID priority

Forget the wirless network that you do not want to connect to.

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Re: iPhone/iPad SSID priority

Thanks, we've done that, but the client seems to then 'remember' that SSID and connect to it on it's own. I think the 'issue' may be that the box to 'automatically connect' is checked by default, and we may just have to tell these clients they would have to forget all the other networks other than the secure@hood one, and also uncheck the automatically connect box. We were hoping for something that required less tinkering by the users.