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11ac in a classroom/lab

We are gearing up to deploy two classroom/labs to use VDI / WIN8 desktops in a virtual environment; with laptops.  This would be a great use case for 802.11ac in a dense client environment using a bandwidth "hungary" virtual desktop.

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Re: 11ac in a classroom/lab

Do the laptops you are planning to use in the lab environment have native 802.11ac adapters?


The biggest problem I've seen so far on the client side is that most of the USB adapters are USB 2.0 only ... with the USB interface speed limiting the 802.11ac bandwidth potential for the client.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: 11ac in a classroom/lab

As - 11ac devices are, or seem to be, "scarce" at this time; our hope is for a late summer, early fall (fall semester startup) deployment.  We are hoping to have eith Dell or HP laptops with the native adapters.  We will not use the usb adapters.  If the 802.11ac availability lags behind, that portion of the classroom/lab deployment will be delayed.  We will move forward with the VDI portion, since we have that ready to deploy now.

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