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802.11ac for high density film school access

During the last months of our semesters at my school, our film labs and render queues are overrun with students scrambling to put the finishing touches on their masterpieces. Those that have capable laptops will try to use it in order to maximize their available working time, but since all their projects are on shared storage this can get a bit hairy, especially when they're working in the common areas alongside a dozen others doing the same thing.

We are hoping to utilize a high density 802.11ac to enable our students (especially the film students) the best access to their data possible in order to enable their success. By first providing faster access and later a virtual lab using VDI we would give students the resources necessary to meet their goals.

Our deployments would be scattered at first while we wait for clients (and budgets) to catch up and my hope is that by wave 2 we've deployed to all the common work areas and are progressing with complete indoor coverage.
Ryan M. Adzima
@radzima - http://techvangelist.net

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