Amigopod & Cisco integration: excessive active sessions

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

There is a Cisco "feature" that may affect Amigopod/Clearpass integration when RADIUS Accounting is enabled.

When setting up Amigopod in the Cisco controllers, we recommend adding Amigopod as both an auth server, and an accounting server. If you create a custom SSID and add the Amigopod box as an accounting server and add it only to the new SSID we expect to only receive accounting information for clients in that WLAN. However, Cisco’s controller may send ALL accounting records for ALL SSIDs over to Amigopod that have Accounting enabled but no server assigned, even on SSIDs where Amigopod is NOT assigned as an accounting server.

The workaround is to disable accounting on WLANs that do not have an assigned accounting server.

Why is this a problem? When the accounting records from all SSIDs show up as an Active Session, they can easily exceeded the Amigopod licensed limit and prevent further authentications.

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