Behaviour of Onguard Agent 5.x with ClearPass 6.2 after upgrade

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
We are planning an upgrade to from ClearPass 5.x to ClearPass 6.2. The question is how the OnGuard agent will behave once the ClearPass has to been upgraded to 6.2. Will it keep working or will it fail without clear response to the user?


Is there a best practice for how to work with the OnGuard agent in such an upgrade?


Environment : This applies to all the versions of CPPM


Client device will be prompted to update Onguard agent as shown in the below screen shot.

Mac OS X device will behave similarly.

User-added image

However this depends on the configuration on Onguard on ClearPass server.

Below are few examples.

Navigate to "Administration » Agents and Software Updates » OnGuard Settings -".

User-added image

We have a couple of options for "Agent action when an update is available" field.

If we choose "Ignore"  - CPPM will not upgrade the Onguard client installed on the Client machine ( Windows /mac)
This is not Recommended.

If Option " Notify User" is selected , CPPM will notify user about the update and request permission ( as shown in the above screen capture).

When "Download and install" option is selected, Onguard agent will automatically update itself.

It is strongly recommended to update the Onguard client whenever any update is available.

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