Best practices to be followed while migrating CPPM.

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Aruba Employee

Introduction : This article talks about the detailed steps involved in migrating the CPPM to a new VM instance


Environment : This article implies to all versions of CPPM


Configuration Steps : Below are the steps which needs to be followed.

Step1: Take a complete backup of the existing server and copy the subscription key off the server.

Navigate to "Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration" and click on Backup and collect the backup.

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Once the backup completes, Please download the copy to the local desktop.

We can also collect the previously backups from "Administration » Server Manager » Local Shared Folders"

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Navigate to "Administration » Agents and Software Updates » Software Updates" and copy the Subscription key. Also keep the License email safe with you.

Step 2: Download the server certificate from the CPPM, navigate to "Administration » Certificates » Server Certificate" and export the certificate.

Step 3: Deploy a new VM with the recommended hardware specifications and give the same IP to the instance if we would want to use the same IP.

Note: Using the same IP on the new VM would ensure that we need not change any configuration on the NAD devices, in case the IP is changes we would need to make the necessary changes on the NAD devices also.

Step 4: Apply the licenses on the server.

Step 5:  Restore the backup to the new instance.

Navigate to "Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration" and click on Restore  and restore the backup.

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Step 6:  Join CPPM to Domain.

Navigate to "Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration" and join server to domain.

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