CPPM-MAC Authentication configuration against static host list.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction : This article explains about creating a MAC Auth service.


Environment : This best applies to CPPM 6.2 and above


Configuration Steps :


Login to CPPM and navigate to "Configuration - - >services - - > Add services."


Select MAC authentication as type from drop down option and enter the name of service and click on next. Based on  your requirement you could add service rules to filter the RADIUS request and hit the appropriate service. We would suggest to use the defaults first and then once authentication starts working, customize it later.


By default  authentication method will be MAC AUTH. You could add new authentication source to add new MAC address host list as shown in below screen shot ( highlighted ).


Create an Enforcement profile with details as shown below and map it to our service.


Save the configuration and exit.

New MAC auth service  will be created with green status indicator for user device MAC authentication.

Below link will explain you how to Import Static Endpoints Hosts in CPPM via XML file.



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Would probably be more helpful if the pictures were available for viewing.

 Hello CHulcher, sorry about that (and sorry for the delay, did not see your comment come in). I have just fixed the image issue (the problem is that they always display for Aruba employees, but in some percentage of cases they don't display to those not on our network). Sorry about that and the images should be there for everyone now.


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