Can I define guest user account expiration time zone?


We create/register guest accounts for users from different time zones and distribute the accounts.

Can we define guest user account expiration time zone when we create/register a new guest user account?


Yes, you can define guest user accounts expiration time zone with the help of the field expire_timezone.

You could go the guest account creation/registration form and add the field  expire_timezone.


Please find the below example to add expire_timezone field in a guest self-registration form/page.

Navigate to ClearPass Guest >> Configuration >> (Pages) >> Guest Self-Registrations >> Select the self-registration page and go to Edit and select "Form" under Register Page.  


Select any field in the Register Page >> Form and insert the field  expire_timezone as shown below.




The guest account expiration time zone option will show up as below, when you create a new guest account.



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