Cannot access Cluster upgrade tool on CPPM 6.6


CPPM cluster running 6.5.5 and using CUT to upgrade the cluster to 6.6.0.


We launch CUT tool by launch option or manually tying the below URL.

HTTPS:// <IP-Of-Publisher>/Upgrade

The upgrade is initiated and the publisher reboots as a part of upgrade.


Once the Publisher comes back online, the CUT UI does not loads and it gets redirected to the CPPM welcome page. Even manually entering the URL on browser redirects to welcome page.

Same results are seen on all browsers.


From CPPM 6.6 onwards, we have CUT in-built in the CPPM UI. There is no separate URL to access CUT.


Cluster Upgrade and Update

The following new features are introduced for cluster upgrades and updates in the 6.6.0 release.

1: The Cluster Upgrade Tool, which automates the process of upgrading a ClearPass cluster, is now natively available within Policy Manager’s Administration module, and includes additional enhancements.

2: In addition to the interface for upgrading a cluster, the Cluster Upgrade Tool now also provides an interface for cluster updates. The administrator can use it to update subscribers with cumulative patch updates within a release train (for example, from 6.6.0 to 6.6.1), or apply other available software updates. The process for updates is similar to the process for upgrades.

3:  The administrator can install software upgrades or updates to all subscribers in a cluster or specify only certain subscribers.

4:  On the Administration > Agents & Software Updates > Software Updates page, two new links in the upper-right corner, Cluster Upgrade and Cluster Update, let you open the appropriate page. These links become available when the publisher is upgraded to ClearPass 6.6.

5:  On the publisher, after updates are downloaded on the Software Updates portal, they are available for selection in a drop-down list on the Cluster Update page. You can use either the Cluster Update link or the Install button for a patch to open the Cluster Update page.

6:  Starting with the 6.6.0 release, the Cluster Upgrade Tool documentation is no longer separate. Cluster Upgrade Tool issues are now included in the ClearPass Release Notes. The information that was provided in the Cluster Upgrade Tool Tech Note in earlier versions is now included in Appendix B, “Cluster Upgrade/Update Tool,” in the ClearPass Policy Manager User Guide, and can be accessed from the online help link on the Cluster Upgrade page or the Cluster Update page.

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