Clearpass Upgrade Error - VM Upgrade Failure

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : When trying to upgrade a Clearpass VM, we are getting the error 'Device [SCSI (0:2)] is not available'. Please check the attached screenshot


Environment Information : Getting the below error message during the upgrade of a Clearpass VM:

: Upgrade failure.


Resolution :

This specific error is that, the server is missing the second HD (or most would say it’s the 3rd since there is the default drive also).
This specific error message is got if we do not attach a Second HD to the VM server before the upgrade.
The exact steps would be:
1) Power down the VM.
2) Add the additional hard disk. 
3) Power up the VM.
4) Perform the upgrade.
NOTE: The VM must be powered down before adding the additional HD.



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