Collecting ClearPass logs from Command Line.


Is it possible to collect the sever logs from command line if GUI is not accessible?


Yes we can collect the logs from ClearPass command line using following command

 dump logs -f <output-file-name> [-s yyyy-mm-dd] [-e yyyy-mm-dd] [-n <days>] [-t <log-type>] [-h]
        -f = the output file to generate with the logs collected
        -s = the start date for the date range (default is today)
        -e = the end date for the date range (default is today)
        -n = use to define the date range as number of days from today
        -t = the type of logs to collect (can be specified multiple times)

For example:

We can mention the logs to be collected by using following keywords.

Types of logs to collect:
  SystemLogs      -> Collects system logs
  PerformanceMetricsLogs-> Collects performance metrics logs
  AirGroupLogs    -> Collects logs from AirGroup notification service
  ClearPassGuestLogs-> Collects logs from ClearPass Guest application
  ConfigBackup    -> Collects configuration backup (without passwords)
  DiagnosticDumps -> Collects diagnostic dumps from ClearPass services

  PolicyManagerLogs-> Collects logs from all PolicyManager services

Similarly we can also collect packet captures from CLI by mentioning -t PacketCapture while collecting logs

 PacketCapture   -> Capture packets for a fixed duration. Default is 60 seconds (set using -d 60).
                     Filter Options
                     -a:Sets Source Port
                     -A:Sets Destination Port
                     -b:Sets Source IP
                     -B:Sets Destination IP
                     -p:Sets Protocol
                     -c:Sets number of packets to be captured
                     -C:Sets size limit of logfile

Using Dump command from CLI we can also export ClearPass server certificate as well as Server Trust chain.

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