Creating guest accounts through REST API do not trigger email or sms by default.


How to send guest details in email/sms when creating guest accounts through REST API?


The below fields need to be passed in the REST API POST to deliver guest details in email/sms when creating guest accounts.

"auto_send_smtp": 1

"auto_send_sms": 1


This article is focused only on what is needed to send guest receipt in email/sms. Please refer the below link for more details on how to create/update/delete guest accounts through REST API.



SMTP server should be configured under Policy Manager >> Administration >> External Servers >> Messaging Setup and working.

SMS gateway should be configured under Guest Manager >> Configuration >> SMS Services >> Gateways and working.


Pass the below highlighted fields in the REST API POST when creating guest accounts to send guest receipts in email/sms

  "do_expire": 4,
  "expire_time": "1507632999",
  "password": "aruba123",
  "email": "",           // required for SMTP  
  "visitor_phone": 1xxxxxxxxxx,                     // required for SMS
  "role_id": 2,
  "auto_send_smtp": 1,                                        // required for SMTP
  "auto_send_sms": 1,                                          // required for SMS
  "enabled": true


Note: If you are using SMS over SMTP as SMS gateway, then "visitor_carrier" field must also be passed in the POST.


  "do_expire": 4,
  "expire_time": "1507632999",
  "username": "",
  "password": "aruba123",
  "email": "",
  "visitor_phone": 1xxxxxxxxxx,
  "visitor_carrier": "AT&T Wireless",
  "role_id": 2,
  "auto_send_smtp": 1,
  "auto_send_sms": 1,
  "enabled": true



Creating guest account"


Email Delivered:


SMS Delivered:


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