Customize Expire time for CPPM guest acocunt created by Self Registration

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article talks about customizing expire time for guest accounts on CPPM.


Environment : This article implies to CPPM 6.2 and greater.


Question : How can i customize my guest users accounts to expire after 4 hours of self registration?

Login to ClearPass Guest and navigate to "Home » Configuration » Guest Self-Registration" and Edit the Guest Self Registration Manager.


rtaImage (10).png



Click on Form of register page.


rtaImage (11).png



Edit the "Modify_Expire_time field.


rtaImage (12).png



If we do not find this field in the list,  we can edit any field ( which we are not using) and select the Modify_Expire_Time from the drop down.


rtaImage (13).png



Edit the field as shown below.


rtaImage (14).png



Enable this field and make it Hidden

Initial value : The possible arguments for this field are the following.

1: if we give an integer value as 4
                           The guest account will expire after 4 hours.

2: If the value entered is Friday 21:00
                          The guest account will expire on Friday at 21:00 hours.

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