Customize SNMP trap thresholds on CPPM

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Aruba Employee

Introduction : This article talks about customizing the SNMP traps threshold on CPPM.


Environment : This applies to CPPM 6.2 and above.


Question:  I want to customize thresholds for SNMP traps on CPPM. I understand we support some SNMP traps as attached, but cannot find out how to change those thresholds

You may customize SNMP Trap thresholds for System monitoring on CPPM as below.
Please use Service Parameters to modify the thresholds for System monitoring..

    Navigate to “Administration -> Server Manager -> Server Configuration”
    Click on Service Parameters tab and select “System Monitor Service”. You may use this to set CPU thresholds and Free Disk space threshold.

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    Free Memory threshold value and Free Disk space threshold value can be configured using Cluster Wide Parameters, where Event Viewer entries are generated on reaching the corresponding threshold value in CPPM.

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Please configure SNMP settings for the same

    Navigate to “Administration -> Server Manager -> Server Configuration”
    Click System Monitoring tab and configure SNMP settings
    Navigate to “Administration -> External Servers -> SNMP Trap Receivers” and Add an SNMP trap receiver.

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 Configure a remote Trap receiver with the above SNMP settings, and you must notice traps generated for the following events..

    If the disk free space falls below the configured percentage [by default 30%]
    System CPU load thresholds [as configured in System monitor service parameters]
    If any of the following CPPM processes stop [policy server, tacacs, radius, etc...]
    Management or data interface goes up/down

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